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The attorneys at the Law Offices of Mat Parke handle personal injury claims for clients in Salem, Oregon and other surrounding areas such as Keizer, Silverton, Monmouth and Woodburn, Oregon. Salem personal injury attorney, Mat Parke, concentrates his practice on accident and injury cases, including car accidents, semi truck accidents, and wrongful death cases. The Mat Parke Law Office has years of experience holding insurance companies responsible for damages caused by their customers and obtaining impressive settlements for the law firm's clients.

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How Fault is Determined After an Accident

Oftentimes fault is determined by reviewing traffic laws to see if any violations occurred to determine if a persona acted negligently. There are four primary factors used to determine liability which is as follows.

Prove Negligence

The most common way to determine liability is proving negligence. Negligence is careless or unreasonable conduct while driving which results in harm or damage. Examples of negligent driving are when a driver fails to yield the right-of-way to avoid a crash or by running a red light at an intersection. Violating the law such as reckless driving, speeding, or any other violation will most likely determine the driver at fault for an accident.

Gather Witness Statements

Gathering statements from witnesses to the accident often help to determine liability. Their statements have a very clear idea of who was at fault for the accident and can present evidence later on.

Take Photos of the Accident Scene as Evidence

Expert analysis of the crash scene or photos of the accident scene can determine things such as if any traffic laws were violated.

Other Statements

If a driver involved in the accident admits fault, this can be used to assign liability. Statements such as “I didn’t see them coming,” can do a lot of damage to that person later on.

Salem, Oregon

Salem is the capital city of the state of Oregon. From the 2010 census, Salem had a population of 154,637. These statistics make it the third largest city in Oregon after Portland and Eugene. Salem is a little under an hour drive away from Portland. The city of Salem is home to Willamette University, Corban University, and Chemeketa Community College. The largest employer in the city of Salem is the State of Oregon with Salem Health as the largest private employer.

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