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    Personal Injury Attorneys for Your Accident

    No matter how you were injured, the personal injury lawyers at Parke Gordon are here to protect your rights. Our attorneys only handle personal injury claims and have decades of combined experience representing clients injured in accidents. Call us now at (971) 915-4878 for a free consultation. You won’t owe us a dime until we win your case.

    I Want to be Your Personal Injury Lawyer

    Mat ParkeI’m Mat Parke and I want to be your personal injury lawyer.

    As a lawyer, I have learned that many big businesses and insurance companies do not share my sense of responsibility. Instead, they put profits before principles. I choose to represent individuals who need an attorney to level the playing field against the team of attorneys hired by insurance companies. I find great personal satisfaction when I successfully take on the big guys and obtain fantastic results for my clients.

    If you are feeling upset, frustrated, or even angry because someone else’s carelessness has affected your life, I’m here to help you. Call my office now at (971) 915-4878 to talk to a personal injury attorney. It won’t cost you anything.


    A Track Record of Success

    • $2.9 million - Malpractice
    • $650,000 - Wrongful Death
    • $575,000 - Pedestrian Accident
    • $250,000 - Slip and Fall Accident
    • $1.25 million - Fraud
    • $885,000 - Semi-Truck Accident
    • $690,000 - Dog Bite
    • $220,000 - Motorcycle Accident

    Clients love us!

    My husband and I engaged Mat and his talented team to assist us after a car accident. Both my husband and I are going to write separate Google entries, as we feel that Mat’s service warrants two rave reviews.

    We definitely are not litigious people, and the idea of bringing a lawsuit was very hard for us. That being said, Mat seemed like the antithesis of the stereotypical ambulance chasing lawyer, and after several discussions, I was genuinely convinced that the...
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    Teri Kramer Avatar
    Teri Kramer

    A great experience and successful outcome. Mat Parke is extremely professional and took the time to understand my case thoroughly. Once it ended up in litigation, he utilized his knowledge of the law to really fight for me and get me what was owed. A great balance of professional and aggressive!

    Justin Beene Avatar
    Justin Beene

    Jane - you’re fabulous. Great at managing expectations, prompt responses, and a wonderful overall end result on my case.

    To anyone reading this, I was rear-ended last august by someone texting. My car was totaled. I used to watch a lot of daytime TV and it seems like every commercial is for personal injury attorneys. I decided to just google and spend a lot of time reading reviews before I made a phone call, because I knew this was going to...
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    morgan bolderman Avatar
    morgan bolderman

    My husband and I were both seriously injured after being hit by a driver that was illegally passing a semi truck. We hired Parke Gordon to represent us and are very pleased with the hard work they put in to make sure we were fairly compensated. Considering the person who hit us only had liability insurance, we are so very grateful and pleased with the settlements Mat Parke was able to get for us. He is extremely knowledgeable about the... read more

    Lisa Gould Avatar
    Lisa Gould

    When I got into a car accident it never dawned on me to get legal representation, but when the person at fault insurance company was not wanting to pay for repairs or medical bills and really low balling me. I decided to Google and they were the ones I went with and was glad I did. Jane was great and explained the process to me. When everything was said and done they got me more money than I expected... read more

    mary alice Nevarez Avatar
    mary alice Nevarez

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    Our Salem, Oregon law office provides legal services to injury clients in and surrounding Salem. Visit or call our Salem, Oregon law office now.

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