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Car and Auto Accident Lawyers

The car accident attorneys at Parke Gordon Law Firm have years of experience representing car accident clients and obtaining impressive results in their behalf.

What Should You Do After a Car Accident?

Call 911 immediately after a car accident so that a law enforcement officer investigates the accident and documents that the other driver was negligent. The police officer will take statements and usually issues a traffic citation to the driver responsible for causing the crash. Without the police officer's report, the other driver might lie and make it difficult to obtain a good settlement.

If the police officer wrongly finds you at fault, we can still help.  We’ve helped numerous clients fight tickets and obtain settlements when an investigating officer makes a mistake as to who was at fault for causing a car accident.

The next step is to get your injuries examined by a licensed physician.  This is not the time to be tough and hold back.  Injuries might not be apparent right after an accident. You need to document the areas of your body that are in pain by getting checked at the emergency room or an urgent care center. Make sure you tell the doctor of all the injuries you suffered to avoid confusion and false claims later. Insurance companies can sometimes accuse car accident victims of lying about their injuries.

After you have had a medical evaluation, you should call a car accident attorney. There is no up-front cost to hire a car accident attorney. An attorney will only get paid when the case settles.

Your attorney can deal with the insurance adjusters, help get you a rental car while your vehicle is being repaired or appraised, and ensure your injuries are properly diagnosed and treated. Once your injuries are resolved, your attorney can negotiate a settlement that pays you money for everything you've gone through.

When Should You Contact a Car Accident Attorney?

If you've been injured in a car accident, you should call an injury attorney immediately. Many people have lost money by not contacting an attorney and failing to properly document their injuries, failing to obtain the necessary diagnostic test, speaking to the adverse insurance company and saying something detrimental to their case. There's no need to risk hurting the value of your car accident case, call us now to let us begin working on your case.

What is Your Car Accident Case Worth?

The value of every car accident case is different and depends on a number of factors such as who is liable, the severity of your injuries, and how hard your attorney is willing to fight for you. A great attorney will build the value of a car accident claim by pursuing recovery of all damages by hiring doctors, economists and other experts to document all recoverable damages. Our attorneys are experienced in maximizing the value of your case and will fight to get you every penny you deserve.

What to do When the Other Driver is Without Insurance

The best way to protect yourself from an uninsured driver after a car accident is to rely on your own insurance. Uninsured motorist coverage can be used to pay damages to your car and medical expenses you have incurred.

In some car accident cases, it may be worth pursuing a lawsuit against the negligent driver to recover damages. A court may order the at-fault driver to make payments to you or issue a lien against his/her assets to compensate for your loss. An experienced car accident lawyer from Parke Gordon Law Firm will be able to assist you to determine if it is worth suing the other driver. Unfortunately, in most cases people who don’t have auto insurance don’t have a lot of money or assets to their name in which case, it would not be worth pursuing a lawsuit.

Hire an Attorney to Get the Compensation You Deserve

It is always worth maximizing the amount from your own uninsured motorist policy. Before you are involved in an accident, it’s smart to carry more than the state minimum insurance of $25,000 bodily injury per person. Typically, medical treatment alone costs more than $25,000 for serious car accident injuries.

Common Car Accident Injuries

There are several car accident injuries that could be preventable. For example, enforcing everyone in the vehicle to wear a seatbelt. This small act could prevent serious injury or even death in the event of a car accident. Another example would be driving a vehicle with properly equipped airbags. Or pay close attention to driving while operating a motor vehicle.

Car accident injuries that could be preventable include:

  • Brain injuries
  • Back injuries
  • Face injuries
  • Neck injuries
  • Foot, leg or knee injuries

Preventing injuries to these areas requires observing safe practices and being smart.

Brain Injuries

Many serious car accidents may result in brain injuries. Some types of brain injuries include head injury, traumatic brain injury or concussion. Often a brain injury leads to a coma or loss of memory. When a vehicle is equipped with recommended front and side airbags, a possible car accident brain injury could be preventable. The risk of injury from an airbag deployment is minimum compared to the permanent effects from a serious brain injury according to information collected by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

Back Injuries

Back injuries from car accidents may include a slip disc injury, a minor sprain or fracture or other injuries to the spine or lower back. To prevent a back injury during a car accident, wear a seatbelt to reduce impact.

Face Injuries

Injuries to the face include bruising, scrapes, bone fractures or injury to the jaw or teeth. Most face injuries occur when a person is jolted into a door or window of the car from the impact of a car accident. To avoid injury to the face, react by covering your face with your hands and wrap your head in your arms to act as a helmet.

Neck Injuries

Injuries to the neck can be prevented by wearing a seatbelt with neck restraint. Wearing a seatbelt will reduce spinal disc injury and whiplash.

Foot, Leg or Knee Injuries

Keep your feet flat on the floor with your legs bent at a 90-degree angle to reduce injury.

Risks of Car Crash Injuries for Pregnant Women and Unborn Babies

A car crash can be frightening for anyone, but a pregnant woman has not only herself to worry about but also her unborn child. Every year in the U.S., 170,000 car crashes involves pregnant women according to statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). On average, 2.9 percent of women report being injured in a car accident during pregnancy. Immediate actions should be followed for the expectant mother following a car accident. These procedures are important for all drivers to know. A pregnant woman’s actions following a car accident are critical to ensure the best possible treatment, follow-up care, and outcome for both the mother and the unborn child.

Serious types of aftereffects for a pregnant woman involved in a car accident include the following.

  • Pre-term labor
  • Miscarriage
  • Internal bleeding
  • Hemorrhaging
  • Birth defects
  • Creating a high-risk pregnancy that did not exist before the crash

Less severe risks include stress, emotional duress, mental anguish and trauma from the accident

Call a Car Accident Lawyer Right Away

Don’t wait to call a car accident attorney from Parke Gordon Law Firm! Call us now at (971) 915-4878 for a free consultation with an experienced car accident lawyer.  We can take the stress out of a claim and we’ll fight to get you full value for your car accident injuries. Our law firm believes every client deserves fair representation against big insurance companies with deep pockets. Call now to get started on your car accident case.

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